Complete List of Books For UPSC Prelims and Mains Preparation 2020

The official calendar for UPSC Prelims and Mains Examination 2020 is released. UPSC Prelims examination will be conducted on 31st March 2020 and mains will start on 18th September 2020.

So now you have a target with the date to accomplish it, without waisting minute you should start your full-fledge preparation.

Below we have shared all-important books for UPSC Prelims and Mains preparation 2020 by taking the inputs from the toppers. You can click on the link to buy books online at the discounted price.

Recommended books for UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination

NCERT books for UPSC download or buy online

A complete book list  for IAS Prelims Paper 1

These all are the must-have books for UPSC Prelims Paper 1. Some of them are also helpful for mains preparation.

A complete book list for IAS Prelims Paper 2

These all are important books for UPSC Prelims Paper 2, which you must buy to effectively cover the syllabus.

All in one or GS Manual for UPSC Prelims Paper 1 & Paper 2

Practice set for IAS Prelims Paper 1 & 2

Practising old question papers before UPSC Prelims can boost up your preparation. So here we have recommended some of the best book available for practising old question papers of Prelims (paper 1 & 2)

Practice set for IAS prelims paper 1

You may anyone books from the option given below

Practice set for IAS prelims paper 2

Here again, we will suggest two most popular books among aspirants. Prelims Paper 2 is consist of 100 questions with 200 marks to be completed in 120 minutes.

Recommended books for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 1 – (Indian Language)

There will be two qualifying papers in any Indian language and English each of 300 marks.

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 3 – (Compulsory English )

Paper-II Compulsory English of civil services mains examination consists of 300 marks and is of qualifying nature.

Here we will suggest you two most important books which will help you to qualify this paper smoothly

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 3 – (Essay)

Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic. The choice of subjects will be given.The following textbook will be useful for the preparation

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 4 – (General Studies 1)

There are 11 topics under (GS – 1) Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society. Some of the books mentioned below are included in the prelims list, so you may exclude them.

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 5 – (General Studies 2)

The topics of General studies 2 are mostly of administrative nature such as governance, constitution, polity and social justice. Let’s explore the available resources which will help you to sail through the examinations. 

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 6 – (General Studies 3)

Current affairs will play a crucial role In order to prepare this section of the syllabus. Apart from a few books, NCERT books will also help to cover some portion of the syllabus.

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 7 – (General Studies 4)

This paper will include questions to test the candidates’ attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life” basically question will be based upon the practical situations and case studies.

Textbooks for UPSC Mains Paper 8 & 9 – (Optional Subjects)

For optional subjects, there are two papers, Here you need to choose one subject either you choose it from optional subjects or literature subjects. For any subject, there will be two papers.

All in one or GS Manual for UPSC Mains GS Paper (1,2,3 & 4)

Arihant expert has launched four books to cover up the Mains General Studies Syllabus and they are

You can buy these books separately or choose the combo pack, the cost will remain the same.

Books for UPSC Interview

  1. Civil Services Interview – by Madhukar Bhagat
  2. Common Mistakes At UPSC Civil Services Examination & How to Avoid Them – By Abhishek Dular
  3. Esencia Current Affairs – By H.S Sidhu

UPSC CSE Mains Previous Year Solved Question Paper Books

So this is the complete set of books based on the syllabus and papers of UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Tips regarding the selection of books for IAS prelims and mains

  • First of all, keep this in mind you cant prepare for UPSC with a single book
  • You have to follow different resources of good quality
  • That’s why we have created this compilation based on different subjects of UPSC
  • The books mentioned here are selected after careful scrutiny of IAS toppers study materials
  • Photostats or PDFs supplied by coaching institutes may not give you the right information and broad perspective. If you are an IAS/IPS/IFS aspirant, you should invest in good textbooks.

We keep on updating this list, so whenever a new version is launched it’s reflected here too. So you download this list as PDF here or bookmark this page to keep yourself updated.


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